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Welcome to the online home of Gillette Shows.

Gillette Shows has been in business for more than sixty years, since 1947 when it was started by brothers Art and Jules Gillette. Since the start Gillette shows has strived to make the show the best and safest that it could, keeping up with all of the new and upcoming safety regulations.

Through the years the show has updated and purchased new equipment and concessions. We now own more than thirty rides and numerous game and food concession stands.

Gillette Shows most recently put a state-of-the-art LED lighting package on our Centuty Wheel.

The show is now operated by Betty Gillette who oversees the operation and her sons Jerry and Jules (Mims) who take care of all of the setup and running of the show. During their off season when they are not refurbishing or updating their equipment, the Gillette family owns a bowling alley as well as a trailer rental business.

You will find Gillette Shows playing such fairs as the Broome County Fair, Otsego County Fair, Herkimer County Fair, Cumberland Fair and Center Sandwich Fair, just to name a few. They play spots all throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and the New England states.


Swing Into Spring
The Berkshire Mall
Annual Carnival

Lanesborough, MA

May 3-13, 2018

Armban Ride Specials:
Thursday, May 3; 5-9pm
Saturday, May 5; 1-5pm
Sunday, May 6; 1-6pm
Monday, May 7; 5-9pm
Thurday, May 10; 5-9pm
Saturday, May 11; 1-5pm
Sunday, May 13; 1-6pm

Regular Price Ticket Days:
1.00 Ea.,22 for $20, 55 for $50

Friday, May 4; 5-9:30pm
Saturday, May 5; 5-9:30pm
Tuesday, May 8; 5-9:30pm
Wednesday, May 9; 5-9:30pm
Friday, May 10; 5-9:30pm
Saturday, May 11; 5-9:30pm

Gillette Shows Bullet 291 Pecks Rd. Bullet Pittsfield, MA 01201 Bullet Phone: (413) 441-2130
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